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What Sets Us Apart

The key to success is focus. While every business would like to grow we will only do so if you, our clients grow thanks to our efforts. To achieve that, we put in tons of efforts to learn, learn and learn some more as trends change and new technologies come up.

How does our focus work? Well, we have some numbers for you. Our certified experts have an experience of over 10 years in internet industry. We have fostered a growth of 574% to our client within 6 months of our association.


We are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

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Paid Search Marketing

We effectively target the audiences with a blend of paid ads, Google shopping ads and remarketing ads. These work smartly to direct audience toward our client brand’s thereby generating sales and revenue.

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Search Engine Optimisation

This is a crucial tool. Using well thought out keywords in permutations we make sure Full Service Digital Marketing Agency the correct audience find your web presence.

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Local SEO

Through this effort we try and ensure that search engines place your business at top where people look for geographically close options.

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Social Media

Social media has emerged as a key platform in today’s world. We work with you to create engaging content that allows you to have an ongoing conversation with your audience.

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Content Marketing

We engage the audience through well-strategized content that is in sync to our client’s digital marketing needs. We construct a comprehensive content model to attract attention, create awareness and increase the reader base.

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Email Marketing

A traditional way of communication to acquire new customers, grow your email list and connect with your target audience through email campaigns.

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Responsive Website Design and Development

An effective website page pays attention to design, logic, emphasis, flow of information and ease of use. We create super effective websites from scratch and maintain them.

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Online Reputation Management

To keep the online reputation healthy and positive, vigilance is required. A careful watch over conversation with and comments by audience on the business is key. This leads to solid endorsements and damage control and thus business.

Jim's Jungle Retreat saw a 574% increase in revenue in 6 months

"TCC Digitech has produced remarkable online sales in the one year we have engaged them. The diligence and focus of the team is evident in their interactions with us and in our expanding online presence. Looking forward to exploring new ideas and making them come to life". - Daleep Akoi | Owner & Managing Director | Jim's Jungle Retreat

  • Created a separate landing page to show the experience of the property.

  • Explained the DNA of the property on Landing Page to give the guests a strong reason to book.

  • Added multiple conversion windows and call to actions on the website and the Landing page respectively.

  • Offered competitive rates on website and give away extra inclusions and incentive if guests book directly from the website.

  • Made the website SEO and Mobile friendly and improved the loading speed by 75%

  • Improve OTA Ranking

  • Rates and Offer Management on OTAs along with management of content and images to improve the ranking

  • Increased positive Tripadvisor reviews by 22%.

  • Invested in paid marketing from the allotted budget to target highly relevant long tail keywords.

What is our Winning formula?

In one word - ATRS (Analyse, Test, Review and Scale)

We make a decisive impact on the health of our client’s businesses by deploying a method called ATRS- Analyse, Test, Review and Scale. It is a focused process that we use for ad testing, conversion rate optimization, bidding, technology partner selection and keyword management. Thus, the efficacy of your content in your creatives as well as the choices where you deploy them become smarter and targeted. This leads to a much more effective performance of your digital outreach.

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Goal Setup and Tracking

We establish realistic goals within a set time frame for easy tracking and evaluation of most accurate performance.

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We conduct an in depth analysis of a client’s digital presence and online reputation.

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Competitor analysis

We identify the top competitors and monitor the tools and resources that are performing for them. We use the concluded analysis as a jump off point for our strategy.

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We create a plan using tools and resources to create awareness, acquire and retain our ideal audience especially the ones who have a potential of becoming our loyal customers.

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Website and Landing Page

We construct a website and a landing page that conveys the precise line of communication of the brand and has an easy navigation, contributing further to the overall user experience.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

We target audience with high conversion potential. They are screened basis of client’s insights and urgency.

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Analytics and Report

We provide our clients with monthly reports that measure our efforts against the delivered. The reports contain a detailed analysis through custom reports.

Our Clients


Vana Retreat

Jim's Jungle Retreat

Amber Tours

The Shumshere


The Dolina Retreat


Yumi Sustain




Taramay Design

Shalini Passi Art Foundation

Aditi somani


Recover Clinic

Bubble lounge

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Why Tcc Digitech
  • Client Loyalty

    We deliver growth through results: We ensure excellent growth in our client’s business within first 12 months of taking over an account. We strive to keep our clients atop in terms of revenue and reputation.

  • Client Loyalty

    Experience and Innovation: Our digital marketing know-how makes us formulate strategies that are a perfect fit as per our client’s and market industry’s requirements. We apply best practices using latest of techniques to keep you ahead of your competition.

  • Client Loyalty

    Structuring Sensible Strategies: We provide our clients more than a mere action plan. To avoid the hassle of exaggeration and vague commitments, we focus on boosting what works the best for us and identify the areas we can fix and improve upon.

  • Client Loyalty

    Experienced Certified Professionals: We are a team of dynamic professionals who input their skills in making result prone decisions for our clients. All the members are well trained and flexible as per our individual client’s need. Our team of certified professionals strives to perform to the best of industry standards to keep our client ahead of their competition and be well acquainted with new industry practices.